Interior design (online)

Set of drawings, 3D visualization in the mode online

Thanks to teamwork of our online office you can order a project in our studio in any city of any country. It erases the boundaries and makes it possible for you to get an individual design project created by our professionals within a short time.

What are the advantages of an online project order?

  • - a flat rate
  • Our company has a strict policy of service cost. Independent of the city and the country of residence you will be offered a flat rate.
  • - efficiency
  • You do not have to waste time for long meetings. This service is for those who know the value of their time and want to get their best with the minimal time spending.
  • - availability
  • Online office works with you at your convenience. We attach a specialist responsible for you project and he provides services and negotiates with you at a convenient for you time. Modern ways of communication help us be constantly in touch with the clients.

The establisher of the studio Yana Beskorovainaia personally directs every project and guarantees the quality independently of location. This method of work gives you a number of advantages: time, cost and efforts saving. Professionals who are remotely able to make your any dream come true work in our online office. Future belongs to online work. We offer you to get all the advantages of online work in your house or interior designing.

What are you required from?

  • - To fill up a questionnaire, necessarily with analogues, examples of what you like. You can download a questionnaire and send to e-mail, Our «Portfolio» will help to determine colours and style details.
  • - All the rooms measurements.Free hand drawings are accepted. In the cities where there are our representatives and centres a specialist will visit the object and make the measurements.
  • - To take photos of the rooms including complicated elements and units and also video where you can leave the comments.
  • - To choose the content of the drawings and costs.
  • - Contact us.
  • Further we will calculate the cost of work on the basis of the chosen drawings content , make an agreement for service providing. Read more about the stages of designing and visualization. At the end of work we will send you a ready project which you will be able to print and show the building experts. Also you can order a delivery of a printed project home.

    To order an online project leave an application, and we will contact you.

    Or just simply call us on Viber or WhatsApp: +7 (978) 719-81-58.