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Our mission

Our mission is to create beauty and harmony with love for you. We are an instrument of you dream and ideas realization. Following the fundamentals of perceptual psychology in our work we create the interior which will fully represent your personality. Communicating with a client, asking him questions we are intent on feeling his mentality in order to bring his idea to the best realization. We can turn into reality something that you just remotely feel. The interior which we create will be fully YOURS.

Our story

The company Beskodesign (08.08.2018 is the date of its official start) is a designer’s project of an architect and designer Yana Beskorovainaia.

I have always known that my projects will be all over the world. It was a conscious decision to open my studio. I have always realized that my ideas and ambitions are individual and I have to develop in order to get the goals! The company of an international level with the projects in different points of the world, travelling to and meeting new clients-friends on my way is a dream and a goal at the same time. Beskodesign is taking a foothold around the world, simultaneously we are having projects in three countries – the USA, Russia and Ukraine. I am also looking for the clients and developing a centre in the South America and Europe. When you love your work, love people who address you for help and give them the most of your knowledge back, make the right exchange, all the processes take place up to the most and with the incredible results. I am thankful for the opportunity to create, establish, embody and all these with love to lifework.

Yana Beskorovainaia

Until 2018 Yana Beskorovainaia was a co-founder of an interior design studio Dominanta link for 4 years. For the time being there are more than 100 of realized projects of living and business spaces, 9 years of architectural education, architectural and design business since 2014, 4 years of educational experience at the university. For the period since 08.08.2018 a great work has been implemented and the projects in New York, Kiev, Moscow and the cities of the Crimea have been created. Yana Beskorovainaia is a mastermind of the company, she personally manages every project guaranteeing quality by this. As a manager Yana is constantly in search of new ideas and knowledge, living in several countries (Russia, Czech, Spain, Argentina, Ukraine) during the year. Every day the company together with a team of professionals creates history and helps everyone to make his dreams come true. Beskodesign creates beauty and harmony with love for you!

Our directions

We work in three main directions: living quarters design, business quarters design and architectural design. You can surely address us if you already have a flat which has to be decorated or if you just have a plot of waste land. We will design a house with the following interior design development. If you are opening or developing business we will help you bring your goals to realization taking into consideration your professional viewpoint. You can read more Service and «Portfolio»

Our clients

Our clients are beautiful, talented, successful, filled with life love and energy. You are those people for who we switch on our computers every morning, advance our knowledge, have brainstorming. The chief happiness for a specialist is to see happy eyes of a client. You inspire us for the creating of the masterpieces for yourselves. Despite of the fact that you are all very different – businessmen, managers, politicians, entrepreneurs, confectioners and artists – everyone of you opens a new world to us. You are the mostly loved! And for the loved we are ready to make any dream come true!

Our partners

Our partners are the best construction brigades, producers of the most quality furniture and building materials. We cannot allow ourselves to pick material of low quality for your projects. Specially for you we agree on discounts and affordable prices. Because a maximum result at minimum expenses is our credo.


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Designing packs

The content of a set of drawings can vary depending on the kind of room it is created for – residential or public
  • 1) List of drawings;

  • 2) Measurement plan;

  • 3) Plan of structure dismantling;

  • 4) Plan of structure (subwalls) erection / Plan for the installation of new structures;

  • 5) Floor plan with explication;

  • 6) Plan of furniture and equipment arrangement;

  • 7) Plan of furniture and equipment arrangement with measurements;

  • 8) Plan of plumbing equipment installation;

  • 9) Layup scheme of underfloor heating and heating radiators installation;

  • 10) Floorplan and type of floor covering of every room;

  • 11) Layup scheme of floor skirting;

  • 12) Plan of ceiling with the indication of the type of material in use, levels of construction, layup schemes of moldings, section drawings;

  • 13) Layout plan of lighting equipment and switches;

  • 14) Layout plan of lighting equipment dependent on grouped switches;

  • 15) Layout plan of sockets and power points;

  • 16) Plan of wall finishing (with indication of finishing type, area, manufacturer);

  • 17) 3D visualization;

  • 18) Specification, including:

    - Door specification with indication of doorways size;

    - Windows and light openings specification;

    - Furniture specification;

    - Lightning specification;

  • 19) Interior wall elevation;

  • 20) Furniture drawings of own manufacturing;

  • 21) Additionally to specifications:

    - Specification of customized, nonstandard and other interior design items and decoration;

  • 22) Selection of:

    - Furniture;

    - Lighting equipment;

    - Doors;

    - Other interior design items and decoration;

    - Finishing material;

  • 23) Two months of designer’s supervision:

    - Routine object check;

    - Repair and decoration work check;

    - Check of furniture, finishing materials, equipment purchase and delivery.

Our clients

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