Repair and decoration works

All types of work "turnkey" and separately

BeskoDesign studio performs complex repairs of flats and houses according to the created project.

Why are the repair and decoration works worth ordering from us?

As the interior design project creators we know by heart every meter of your flat. Having ordered a complex service Design + Repair you will forget about stress usually associated with the process of repair.

Group of workers

The one who has at least once in his life made repairs on his own knows how difficult it is to choose a good group of workers. Because you give these people charge over a very precious part of your life – your space! In this place you are going to spend the nearest 5-10 years and you want everything to be done to perfection. How can you trust your inmost soul to unfamiliar people? For this you have to be courageous enough.

It is not easy to find good specialists at the market but our studio has started selection of the best professionals of the highest level in the Crimea a long time ago. It is crucially important for us to cooperate only with the best specialists who will be able to bring your project to life perfectly.


A question of materials selection is often a stumbling rock during a repair on one’s own. Taking into consideration the present situation in the Crimea with the goods of any type when many firms are just introducing the full range to our market a specialist who will accompany you in the process of materials selection is particularly needed. We use only those materials which can be purchased at the Crimean market and in their selection we are guided by your budget.

Having ordered a project design and repair and decoration works at BeskoDesign studio, you get a pleasant but valuable benefit – our personal control over repairs absolutely free!

Advantages of repairs from BeskoDesign studio:
  • + punctuality
  • In our work we strictly stick to the deadline.
  • + cost saving
  • We will select such materials which will fit in your budget and even save it. However the quality and the look of work will not suffer in the result.
  • + high level professionals
  • Cooperating only with the skilled highly qualified specialists we guarantee the quality of the fulfilled works.
  • + full correspondence to the project
  • We can complete the project better than other specialists because exactly we are the original project designers.
  • + implementation control
  • Our specialists will control the actions of every worker because we are responsible for the result.

People often think that they will save making repair and decoration works on their own. In reality it is far from truth: unreliable workers miss deadlines, damage expensive materials, make mistakes in implementation.

In order to be absolutely unworried trust the professionals! We will save not only your money and time but something not less precious – your psychological health!

*Repair and decoration works are implemented at the territory of the Crimea and in the city of Kiev.