Interior design (living quarters)

Set of drawings, 3D visualization of living quarters

To renew wardrobe we go to a boutique. To refresh a hairstyle we go to a hair salon. To reload our thoughts we go to a psychologist. But is there a person who is able to update our entire world? Yes, there is. It is an interior designer!

Have you just purchased a flat or had your house built? Or have you made up your mind to refresh the interior of the boring scenery? Congratulation! You are at the the point of the great life changes. There is a blank canvas in front of you and only you are responsible for the result. Having ordered the interior design at the BeskoDesign studio, you give us an opportunity to realize all your cherished dreams in unique ideas of interior decisions. Our goal is to create Beauty and Harmony of the space with love to you.

Psychologists state: the place we live in influences directly our peace of mind, work efficiency, success and satisfaction with life on the whole. 90% of his lifetime a person spends in the room, 30% of which are devoted to the sleep. These numbers are enough to become convinced that home comfort and coziness should not be neglected.

Would you like the interior to be cozy, comfortable and in the warm winter evening there would be an urge to hurry home? And upon that it would be possible to invite friends at the hot summer weekend and have home get-togethers over a cup of tea or a glass of wine? For this you should make your interior multifunctional, modern and well reflecting your personality. To get such a result you should take into consideration a lot of details, know the psychology of colour, rules of composition and insolation, parameters of furniture, have knowledge about materials and building works. And the list does not end here.

How to choose a specialist?

The main criterion in choosing a specialist is higher architectural education. It concerns both living and commercial spaces design.

Yana Beskorovainaia, the establisher of BeskoDesign studio, is a professional with higher architectural education and extraordinary wide viewpoints on the design and interior design.

Every project is life. I am always honored to be involved into life of another person and family. It is a great responsibility, it is important to say your wishes and points of view from the needs and dreams of a client. We are an instrument for the internal desires realization, we make a history, enter the mind and give the results which we are awaited from. I like to create harmony and beauty with love for you. It is the mission of BeskoDesign company!

Yana Beskorovainaia

Working together with us you get:
  • - Professional analysis of the quarters and the design decision taking into account a set task;
  • - Photorealistic visualization of the future interior of your dream;
  • - Necessary drawings for the repair and decoration works;
  • - Materials, furniture and equipment selection according to the budget;
  • - Time and money saving.

The interior will be:

  • - YOURS – it is the main goal, there is no notion of correctness in the interior! The main target is to create YOUR interior, for your needs, for your habits, for your comfort, and for your conception of Beauty and Harmony!

Feelings which you have in the room make sense of harmony and correctness. Our aim is to give you unique emotions and feelings which you exactly require.

Combination of utility and aesthetics distinguishes good design from unsuccessful one. For us this combination is the main rule.

The examples of work you can see in «Portfolio».

Only one step separates you from your dream life – a questionnaire! Fill in the questionnaire, and rely on the professionals!

If you have questions or you want to order interior design, leave a request here, and our manager will call you.